Bespoke Jewellery

Since Colin Campbell & Co was founded over 40 years ago, we have regularly had the pleasure of designing and making bespoke jewellery for our customers. Creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is incredibly rewarding for both us and you to see a simple idea become a beautiful piece of jewellery – truly a tomorrow’s heirloom! Here is a step by step guide of our bespoke process:

The initial meeting with the in-house designer will be a discussion based on style and material options. If you have existing jewellery that you would like to be remodelled we can inspect the condition and advise what would be suitable for incorporating into your new design. Rough sketches may be drawn during this meeting as you and the designer bounce ideas. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and what you are looking for from the process.

More precise technical drawings will be created following your initial meeting and once a final design is approved you will receive a professional paint up to give you an accurate representation of the design before work begins on a 3D CAD model. It is at  this stage that we would help you to select your stones, whether they be a semi-precious coloured gemstone or a GIA certificated diamond.


The use of 3D CAD modelling in jewellery is a fascinating innovation allowing for greater accuracy and speed in the making of a item. We can share with you the drawings and renders throughout this section of the process, giving you an exciting insight to modern manufacture in the jewellery industry.

15 4578 F Final design C

The next part of the process is to have the 3D CAD file rapid prototyped. This involves producing a resin or a wax which you can view in store allowing you to gain a greater appreciation of how the finished item will look.


Once you have approved your resin/wax we will then proceed to casting in your chosen metal. On passing quality control it will then be finished, polished and expertly stone set.

Born from the idea discussed at your first appointment a beautiful, new and unique piece of jewellery is now yours to enjoy.




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